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William DAngelo - 2004 Lincoln Navigator

First of all, people who read reviews should remember the world is full of dissatisfied customers. I can only tell you about my experience with John the owner of Super cars. I saw a car online and called, John did not know me and we spoke about the car and my finacial situation. He said he could help within 20 minutes he had gotten me approved with finacining. Now remember, we had only seen pictures online at this point. I drove a hour and a half on a Saturday do go look at the car. The car was just as John had described except the check engine light was on when we started it. Honestly I was like oh no, here we go. We took the car for a test ride and there was a slight shudder so John said let's go see what's up at auto zone. They checked with the computer and it was a ignition coil. John immediately bought a new one and arranged for a mechanic to come and install it. Now remember this is all on a Saturday. The whole time I was never pressured to buy this car. John couldn't have been more helpful. After the part was installed another test drive and problem solved. John the owner spent alot of time to make sure this wasn't a wasted trip for me and my family. I just felt the need to express how happy we are with the service we received. I'm not usually a review writer, but I needed to thank John for all he did for me and my family.
Review By: William DAngelo ( - Zip Code: 24401 
Submitted: 03/11/2018